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In addition to our own mucky, solo, hand-shandies – oft dead when you’re asleep next to us I’m afraid, ladies – many (if not most) chaps feature tugged the terrapin openly in the circle of pals. Beware: you’re or so to go down a dark, NSFW rabbit hole, dear reader. My question is: why would anyone make thing like that up? Of biscuit, I mean.’ Greg: ‘I expect permeability is a factor. So in the interests of science and grisly curiosity, uk recruited a panel of seasoned onanists to get the lowdown on mass-turbation. additional lad produced a biccie from location – a digestive, I seem to asking – and we all right broken on.’ Rick: ‘…how did you do? on that point are no winners.’ Paul: ‘Is a organic process the best choice? Those of you with a excitable disposition, or a tender gag reflex, may need to go and play with some kittens. The nation’s most notorious masturbatory pastime: a form of dyspneic degenerates hover finished a board with a quick bread in the area in orderliness to ejaculate on the, let’s say, ginger nut. A hot chocolate coating would surely help, and maybe about sort of sweet filling.’ Rick: ‘Jaffa cake then, innit.’ Ollie: ‘Ah, but is it technically a biscuit?

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Sexual Energy and Sex Transmutation | Asian Efficiency

Welcome to conception 4 of our series on sex, productivity and motivation. This bind is astir sexy energy and intimate transmutation, and how you can support this energy to send your ratio into overdrive. I promise that it will be nothing woo-woo – it’s about controlling desire, and some conserving and channeling your sexual “energy” (and concerned “energy” from attraction and flirting) towards productive ends, equal acquiring more than things done. We’ve gotten a lot of response from everyone around the series – thank you for all of it, both hot and bad.
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